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This page is the The Angry Bunny's official News Feed. All news worthy posts will show up here and not on the front page.

New Site Design

Site logo

In case anyone hasn't noticed. I just rolled out a new design for The Angry Bunny Comic website. This design is HTML5 compliant, and works much better than the old site did on mobile devices. Besides, the old deign was almost two years old now, and it was time for a little updating.

Angry Bunny Plumbing

Angry Bunny Plumbing

My latest Zazzle design "Angry Bunny Plumbing" is now available over in my Angry Bunny Zazzle store front. It's my latest in mock company logos, but this one is based on the Angry Bunny web comic.

I Love The Angry Bunny

I Love The Angry Bunny

Just finished adding a number of "I Love The Angry Bunny" products over in the Angry Bunny Zazzle Store Front like the printed napkin you see here. This is just another in a series of new Angry Bunny merchandise.

Angry Bunny University

Angry Bunny University

I have recently added The Angry Bunny University logo to a number of products over in the Angry Bunny Zazzle store front like the iPad case you see here. I've been working on updating the store front over there just to fill it up a little bit.

Angry Bunny Fan Gear

Angry Bunny Fan Mousepad

My latest design "Angry Bunny Fan" is now available over in my Zazzle store front. This design with a QR code will let the world know that you are a big fan of The Angry Bunny Web Comic.

The world keeps changing

AB Gangster

The Angry Bunny is now being created on a whole new platform. This includes a newly aquired Tablet PC, which is running Windows 8, and CorelDraw X6 Graphic Suite. So new software and new technology. Most people will not notice a single difference.

More Super Heroes

More Super Heroes

My latest design for my Angry Bunny Zazzle store is my "More Super Heroes" based on my June 18th comic. Sometimes you just have to take an idea to the next step and turn it into something more.

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers Poster

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers

My latest design over in my Zazzle store is my "Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers" poster design. This parody poster is based on The Angry Bunny comic characters.

A Year of Anger 2014

A Year of Anger 2014

I just finished creating my The Angry Bunny A Year of Anger 2014 Calendar over in my Zazzle store... As usual it's based on a dozen different Angry Bunny Designs.

First Time Ever

Updated Daily

Since I started this comic back in 2007 this is the first year I have posted a new comic every single day. You may be thinking to yourself "Hey, the year is not over yet." That is a moot point since the comics all the way up to January 1st, 2013 have been created already, and scheduled to post on the correct days. I do try to post a new comic every day, but this is the first time I have actually accomplished it for the entire year.


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