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The Angry Bunny webcomic comes from the warped mind of Kenn Wislander and his skewed perspective of the world. I should know, because that is me.

Each comic is a random topic presented in the voice of the character shown in the panel(s). At this time there are over fifty different characters, and some are obviously used more often than others. I try to keep all of the comics PG-13 or less, not because I’m a prude, but because I think it works best for this comic.

When I started the comic back in 2007 it was more of a whim than an actual plan. The idea was simple: just express things I find amusing in the simplest way possible. Sometimes the ideas are more complex, sometimes they are as simple as a fart joke. Either way they are amusing to me.

The comic is updated daily, or pretty much so. There are moments and periods where there will be days missed, but such is the way of the world.


Q: Who is Kenn Wislander
A: He is a freelance graphic artist who used to do that as his full-time job, but now works in the technology world. You can read more about him over on his personal domain. [top]

Q:Why don’t you use the standard webcomic format?
A: What’s a standard webcomic format? [top]

Q:How are the comics created?
A: The comics themselves are created using the Corel Draw Graphic Suite, as are all of the different graphics you see on the site, and the products in the store front. I’ve been using the software for years, and it has so many different features to cover them all would take several pages.

The site itself is currently being powered by Drupal 7. For years I ran the site on hand coded PHP and HTML, then I migrated to a different content management system (CMS) until I finally decided it was big enough and I had enough experience with Drupal to move it to that platform. There is very little customization to the basic install, so if you are looking for a easy way to power a web comic site I would recommend you give Drupal a whirl. [top]