The Year of Anger Giveaway Winners

The Year of Anger Giveaway Winners
Here they are, the official tickets for the giveaway. There are a total of 47 tickets; and there were entries from the United States (37), United Kingdom (2), Canada (3), Germany (1), Malaysia (2), Norway (1), and Thailand (1).
All of the tickets were folded twice and randomly placed in a large Udon bowl. They were then shaken and stirred and dumped and placed back in the bowl where they shaken and stirred some more.
Three tickets were randomly selected from the bowl. With the remaining tickets shaken and stirred up between each selection. What you see to the right are the three winning tickets before they were opened.
There are the three winning tickets after they have been opened. don’t try and strain your eyes to read them; they are a little easier to see in the next photo.
There they are. The winners of the giveaway:

Kristina Hopper – 24
Pam Hendricks – 30
Amy Yang – 34

Time to pack the boxes for the three winners. Hopefully all of the stuff that you see here is going to be stuffed in those three small boxes. Wish me luck.
Not only did it all fit, there was plenty of room to spare.
All that is left now is to head off to the post office to drop them in the mail. The winners will be contacted via e-mail. Everyone else, thanks for entering the giveaway.